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Our LIFE* Platform:

o   Fully legalizing and decriminalizing recreational possession and commercial sale of marijuana

o   Funding education, addiction treatment services, and infrastructure projects with state marijuana sales tax proceeds

o   Automatic pardons and expungement of existing criminal charges for possession of less than one ounce of Marijuana

o   Expanding background checks, closing the gun show loop hole, & strengthening red flag laws to prevent people who are a danger to themselves or others from easily accessing guns

o   Requiring gun safety training and license tests, and expanding child access prevention laws to promote the safe use of legal firearms

o   Funding research into the effectiveness of different gun violence prevention policies to optimize our own policies based on real-world data

o   Election reform, including same day voter registration, more early voting locations, and extended polling hours to ensure ALL Hoosiers who want to vote can vote

o   An all-inclusive IN hate crimes bill that is expanded to include age, sex, and gender identity from crimes motivated by hate for these protected classes

o   Representation for marginalized and underrepresented groups in all aspects of policymaking through inclusive and collaborative policy development processes

o   Access to pre-K and higher education for underserved communities

o   A living wage and access to sustainable jobs for all Hoosiers

o   Affordable health care for all, including expanded Medicaid funding, and adjusting state poverty guidelines based on modern, real-world wages and costs of living

We can’t have social justice in a future without a planet that’s livable. Environmental and climate justice are the foundation of this platform, just as they are the foundation of all life on earth. This includes:

o   Environmental health and justice, including water quality and toxic exposure prevention, sustainable industrial toxic waste solutions for coal ash and factory farming, environmental justice based on intersectional democracy reform

o   Sustainable economic growth, including policies that promote climate resilience, sustainable energy and jobs, sustainable transportation, and tax on excess carbon emissions to achieve global carbon targets and slow global warming

o   Waster and wilderness protection, including river and lake protection, wilderness and greenway expansion, and forest protection

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